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Acrobat dies after fatal fall

An acrobat has plunged to his death in front of thousands of spectators at a musical festival in Spain.

Mr Monroy from Portslade, who trained in the schools of Pilar López, Cristina Rota and in the Royal Conservatory of Dance, had his own performance company, In Fact Aerial Dance, based in Brixton, London.

Pedro Aunión Monroy, 42, has been performing at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid when he fell to his death from a height of around 100ft. The Spaniard, who appeared to be wearing a harness, was performing inside a box hanging from a crane.

He had been living in the UK with his British partner working as director of performing arts company In Fact based in Brighton, Porstlade.

The festival organizers did not initially inform the audience or the bands the fall was fatal because of “security reasons” and around 40 minutes after, Green Day took to the stage for their set.

Event organizers released a statement following their performance apologizing for the accident and confirming the festival would continue “for security reasons,” a decision many attendees criticized as “insensitive.”

Just a few days before the festival, he posted a picture and a last message on Facebook of himself and his partner which said “love, come to my arms”.

It is unclear at this stage what happened with Mr Monroy’s equipment which caused him to fall.

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