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Affordable Wedding Tent Rentals & Party Tent Rentals Has Finally Arrived In Clearwater FL

Shore Tents and Events, a party tent rentals and wedding tent rentals company in Clearwater Florida, has launched a new online service for people who need affordable party tent rentals and wedding tent rentals for weddings or other event needs. The company has over 17 years of experience in the tent and party rental industry and one of the pain points customers experience when choosing a party tent and wedding tent rental supplier is a lack of upfront pricing when it comes to figuring out how much their event rental needs would be. By offering affordable packages with up-front pricing, Shore Tents and Events is transforming the way people purchase tent and rental supplies for their party and wedding tent rental needs.

More information can be found on their official website

The demand for affordable party tent rentals and wedding tent rentals has skyrocketed in recent years. However, most tent and event rental companies are still in the dark ages when it comes to pricing their equipment. Shore Tents and Events provides affordable pricing for events based on the event’s guest size, ranging from 50 guests all the way up to 200 people. This strategy helps customers know in advance how much their event will cost.

According to the owner of Shore Tents and Events Shawn Power “Having affordable wedding tent and party rental packages allows us to differentiate our offerings and allows us to be upfront with the customer with the price to rent tent and other event rental equipment. By having honest upfront pricing, this allows the customer to make an informed choice when evaluating their tent and event rental supplier”. He further stated “We get a lot of calls from people booking wedding events who love our wedding & party rental packages as this allows them to budget their weddings accordingly, as weddings in recent years have become more and more expensive. By having affordable options, it allows our customers to have the wedding or event they always wanted, at an affordable price”.

Most party tent rental and wedding tent rental companies are not upfront with their pricing and requires a lot of cold-calling and e-mails just to get quotes. With Shore Tents and Events affordable pricing plans, this allows the customer to do less work when budgeting their wedding or party event. Shore Tents and Events wants to give the customer as much information as possible in less time so the customer can get a better experience when working with a tent and event rental company. 

In addition to offering affordable party tent and wedding tent rental packages, the customer can also add custom add-ons to their event rental package such as rustic farm tables, empty wine barrels, an elegant wedding arch, or other items available to make their event stand out. Customers can also rely on free-setup of their event rental equipment, free takedown, and speedy and reliable service. Shore Tents and Events is also fully licensed and insured. They offer a full line of party rentals for weddings, events and more. All outdoor events are covered. The party rental equipment includes, tents, tables, chairs, lighting, tableware, linens, dance floors, and more.

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