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Afghan VP travels to Turkey amid controversies

Abdul Rashid Dostum, Afghanistan Vice President travelled to Turkey on Saturday amidst controversies like rape accusation and beating up political rivals sending signals that he may remain exiled in Turkey.

Abdul Rashid Dostum, 63, is believed to have commanded ten bodyguards to abduct Ahmad Eshchi who was his political rival later to be joined with them to torture with an assault rifle at his private compound in Kabul last November though he has denied it completely.


He said “I have remained with my people in difficult circumstances, and I am concerned about the security situation in the country,”  and added further “After completing the medical checkups, I will return to the country in a short while.”

As per his statement, it is believed that he has gone on medical care but the situation in Turkey warants that he has sought political asylum. He was also linked to many war crimes committed during Afghanistan’s civil war and was accused of beating and raping a political rival.

Nobody has been arrested or charged following Mr Eshchi’s allegations last year though Afghan attorney general Mohammad Farid Hamidi said the case is “under serious investigation”

Only time will tell whether he has flown out for medical attention or for political asylum.

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