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After 101 days of bandh, shops plan to open up in Darjeeling from Sunday

Different trade associations of Darjeeling have decided to open up shops and business establishments from Sunday.

The ongoing indefinite bandh in the Hills hit the 101st day mark on Saturday.

The decision to open up comes on the wake of a semblance of normality steadily emerging in the Darjeeling Hills.

On Saturday the Path Pashaley Sangh convened a meeting with different trade associations of Darjeeling. 

The meeting was attended by 19 trade associations.

“We are all eager to open. However we are worried of becoming victims of political retribution” stated a shopkeeper requesting anonymity.

“Till now we have been supporting the strike. However off late we have noticed that roadside stalls are opening up on all major thoroughfares and footpaths. We feel that either there should be a total bandh or everything should remain open. Friday’s meeting decided that all shops and business will remain open from 9am to 5pm in Darjeeling town” stated Khudu Tamang, President, PPS.

Soon after the meeting posters were pasted in Chowk Bazaar with the appeal to open up from Sunday.

Miking was also done in different parts of the town and adjoining areas.

“The district administration and police are keeping a close tab of the situation. Any attempts to disrupt peace and tranquility or trying to forcefully impose the bandh will be dealt with firmly” stated a police officer.

Already Government schools, offices and banks have opened up.

Some tea gardens are already running.

Vehicles including taxis from Siliguri have already started plying.

Some shopkeepers even opened up their shops partially, in the name of cleaning and clearing away dead stock.

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