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After Civic polls, Arvind Kejriwal says party needs to correct the mistakes

This year People gave BJP third chance to run the civic body of the capital while AAP party who is running state government, tasted bitter taste in form of losing the MCD 2017 elections. It is not alone the AAP party but congress also met with the same fate in the elections. After losing the election, congress state party leader, Ajay Makan has left the position.

Now AAP party is facing more and more criticism and Arvind Kejriwal being the face of the party, he has to see all these criticism.

This time in a different mode, he tweeted and said accepted that party made mistakes and the errors, loopholes, and mistake will be corrected. Party needs to take action rather than making excuses.

To many, it will be surprising that CM did not blame the EVM machines, and he did not blame anyone for plotting.

It is said that AAP’s members and other political experts have blamed Delhi CM for facing loss in civic polls also Goa and Punjab assembly polls. CM is blamed for speaking needless comments, and overconfidence for elections. Arvind Kejriwal is accused of the defeat in all corners.

Before the civic elections, Arvind Kejriwal said that EVM machines are faulty and now in his latest tweet today morning, he actually did not mention it. 

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