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After Rahul Gandhi’s arrest showdown AAP team heads for Mandsaur

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was arrested by the MP police on Thursday.He said he wasn’t given a reason for being arrested. He wanted to visit the district to meet the families of the five farmers killed by police firing on Tuesday.But he was stopped and held at a guest house. 

After his release he met some of the farmers who have been on a protest to demand better prices for their produce and loan waivers.

AAP Sanjay Singh said that farmers had been forced to protect in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

“On one hand farmers are shot dead and the ministers says practice yoga everything will be fine”

AAP leader also targeted Modi “If anything small happens in Europe, Afghanistan or Pakistan the first person in the world to tweet on it would be our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But he (PM Modi) hasn’t uttered one word on the death of six farmers,” Mr Singh said.

While speaking to reporters Mr.Gandhi said 

“As far as I know, the debt of farmers in Maharashtra is Rs 30,500 crore. When you can waive Rs 1,14,000 crore of loans taken by corporates, why can’t you waive farmers’ loans?”

“He (PM Modi) can’t provide the right price for their agricultural produce, can’t give them bonus, can’t give compensation… He can only give them bullets.”

“He can waive loans of the country’s rich but can’t do so for farmers ”

“We will put pressure on the central government and get the loans of farmers across the country waived,” added the Congress leader


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