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After Totalling Discrepancies Embarrassment, CBSE Issues Clarification

The CBSE has issued a clarification days after reports claimed huge differences in original and corrected totals of students.

The board said ” There was nothing unprecedented in such changes this time as reports suggest “.

“CBSE, being a responsive Board, has provision for verification of marks to facilitate students to avail the provision of rechecking of answer scripts where totalling of marks is done again, posting of marks on cover page of answer scripts is rechecked, intactness of supplementary answer scripts and un-assessed question, if any, is assessed afresh,” said the release.

“The system of verification of marks aims to bring more transparency and confidence in the evaluation of answer scripts.”

“This year out of total answer scripts evaluated by CBSE for Class XII Examination 2017, only 2.47% answer scripts were applied for verification by the students. Similarly figures for Examination 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 2.31%, 2.09% and 2.53% respectively.”

“This shows that there is no unprecedented increase in number of applications for verification as stated in some news reports,” says board statement.

“After verification of answer scripts for Class XII Examination 2017, the fact emerged that there was change in marks in 0.091% of answer scripts with only 0.002% cases where there was change in marks by 26 or more.”

“It highlights that there is no pervasive totalling error as written in certain media reports earlier,” said the statement.

The CBSE did the process of re-evaluation on the basis of decision taken by examination committee.

The option of verification of marks and photocopies already available to the students as per procedure by CBSE.

According to the statement “CBSE carries a well-established evaluation process based on structured marking schemes prepared by experienced subject experts drawn from reputed schools affiliated to CBSE.”

The answer papers of students are evaluated by deploying experienced 2000 teachers across India.

“Though despite of best efforts made by the experienced subject teachers, there may be possibility of human error in transferring marks to the title page of the answer scripts, summation of marks and manually posting of marks in the computer system,” the CBSE statement concluded.

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