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Air pollution kills 12 lakh people every year

bgimg_oldGreenpeace India has released a report, saying air pollution has caused 12 lakh or 1.2 million deaths in India every year. The report said that Delhi is India’s most polluted city in the report called as Airpocalypse. The report has been made on the basis of information received through Right to Information reports filed with various Pollution Control boards of different states and the centre. This was done by compiling reports of over 24 states, 168 cities and other Union territories.

The report says that the deaths caused due to tobacco are marginally more than the deaths caused due to air pollution. The report says that the use of fossil fuels is the main reason for the deteriorating air quality of cities across India.

The most polluted cities in India are as follows – Delhi, Ghaziabad, Allahabad, Baraeli, Faridabad, Jharia, Alwar, Ranchi, Kusunda, Bastacola, Kanpur and Patna. October to November are said to be the most polluted months of the year. There are only a few cities in South India who abide by the guidelines set by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

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