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Airport tips that will help you save your time

Traveling is fun only when you know it all right. Keeping a close eye on the time, packing light, carrying necessary things along, keeping important documents safe, etc. One of such important factor is of being quick at the airport and save the hassles of running at the last moment.


Below are some tips which will help you save time at the airport –

1. Keep the screen shot of the boarding pass – Instead of relying on the airline’s app or on a good internet connection at the airport. You may also keep a hard copy of the boarding pass along; it will be a life saver in case your phone conks off

2. Whenever you get up to leave somewhere at the airport – in a café, a bar or at the gate – always turn round and make sure you haven’t left anything behind – like your tickets

3. Before you leave for the airport, put your ID, credit card and boarding pass in an easily accessible part of your wallet or bag. There are two reasons for this: one, by going through this exercise, you make sure that you don’t leave home without these crucial items. Two, you don’t waste your (and other people’s) time fumbling around for them at the moment you need them

4. Avoid having to stop and eat airport food by bringing healthy snacks with you. Or eat something prior to going to the airport

5. Checking in the night before means you will have advance warning of flight delays and cancelled flights. Also, since you’ve checked in early, you’ve got the seat of your choice – an aisle seat near the front of the plane, so you can get out quickly once you land

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