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[email protected] 2019: Powering Smart Businesses

14th October ,Kolkata: Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest integrated telecommunications company, showcased a range of exciting digital solutions for businesses and consumers at the India Mobile Congress 2019.

As India’s #1 player in the enterprise connectivity segment, Airtel demonstrated a wide range of use cases and applications for a world on connected things that leverage 5G and pre-5G network technologies.

Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO – Airtel Business said: “The digital era is at our door and a connected world with limitless digital solutions will soon be the norm. Airtel is ready for this digital future with its secure network and end-to-end product solutions for smart businesses. Our ambition is to be the partner of choice in the digital transformation journey of enterprises we serve and build a vibrant Digital India.”

5G experience

Cloud Based Immersive Gaming: Airtel showcased immersive cloud-based gaming experience between multiple users over ultra-fast low latency Airtel 5G.

Industry 4.0

Secure Mining: Using 5G and a secure private network Airtel demonstrated how digital voice communication and broadcasting of emergency messages, contributes to improved safety conditions and work environment in mines.

Smart Factory: Airtel showcased how Network slicing can help build multiple logical networks for smart factories of the future. These network slices, are completely separated and independent to the extent that if something goes wrong in one slice it will not affect the other slices. These sliced networks with ultra-low latency power manufacturing floor robots in smart factories and send real time data and analytics, allowing managers to send back real time instructions to the robots and optimize the manufacturing process.

Remote Healthcare: With extremely high throughput and low latency, 5G networks enable communication through the sense of touch using augmented reality technologies. Airtel demonstrated the next level of remote communication in a healthcare, allowing a doctors to maneuver a robot arm in real-time and examine medical patients in remote locations.

Smart Experiences

Smart Retail Stores: Users can experience virtual trials of different fashion outfits in real time using high speed-low latency networks.Customers can try designs and sizes of different clothing brands using virtual technologies.

Advanced Surveillance: Airtel’s AI based Video analytics security and surveillance platform integrates advance features like facial-recognition and object detection to search a single image from live video feed in under three seconds to identify and trigger an alert and also provide dashboard for detailed analytics. Can be used for object detection & tracking, attendance systems etc.

Smart Cities

Real time Air Quality Monitoring: NB-IoT based sensor’s using high speed networks monitor air pollution levels and seamlessly provide real time data to citizens.

Smart Street Lighting Poles: Airtel’s smart pole platform are designed for energy efficient lighting and also offer other features such as surveillance cameras, and public address systems. The solution can be operated and managed remotely through a smart cloud based web platform.

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