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AirVuz Offers Curated Collections of Drone Videos

It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole viewing aerial content on Luckily for AirVuz visitors, the website now offers curated collections that make it easier than ever to find the best of the best aerial footage of a specific content.

The curated collections range from a variety of subjects, including cities like Chicago or Hong Kong and countries such as Italy or Russia. Other collections include FPV freestyle, landmarks, transportation and more. Visitors to can also browse videos by user-designated categories, which are selected by the content creators when they upload their work to AirVuz.

Each curation is curated by the AirVuz staff, which prides itself on having a familiarity with the work of the global community of aerial content creators that share their work on the popular platform. The hundreds of collection pages feature thousands of videos from all over the world. 

For example, Iceland is one of the most popular drone flying destinations for travelers and is one of the collections featured by AirVuz. Within the Iceland collection, visitors will find videos from Iceland that feature waterfalls, stunning cliff sides, black sand beaches and more. While videos of Iceland are also searchable on AirVuz, the collection highlights some of the top uploads of the picturesque country.

“Computer algorithms are still a long way from being able to identify and classify the many different scenes that may be present in an aerial film, and further yet from being able to judge the quality of the video. At AirVuz, we are able to curate every video that gets uploaded to the site and to apply human judgment both to describing and categorizing the content as well as judging its quality,” said Mike Israel, CEO of AirVuz . “We have a full-time curation team that is continually evaluating the content on the site and determining where it can be best displayed from a relevancy and quality standpoint. This allows us to ensure discovery unavailable on universal video platforms. Our human curation efforts ensure that the best quality content and contributors get more exposure on the site and that videos are grouped together based upon subject matter and relevance.”

The extensive curated collections of drone videos sets AirVuz apart from other video hosting sites. While other websites organize videos by category, only AirVuz combines similar aerial content into easy-to-navigate collection pages.

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