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Al Jazeera – Under Cyber Attack

Al Jazeera Media Network was in the middle of a cyberattack on Thursday as per Al Jazeera News tweet.

It was not immediately clear what the attack entailed, but the Qatar-based news network reported that “all systems, websites & social media platforms” were being targeted.
The company said it was experiencing “systematic and continual hacking attempts” which were “gaining intensity and taking various forms”.

The reported attack followed the revelation on Tuesday that U.S. investigators believe that Russian hackers may have been responsible for breaching Qatar’s state news agency and posting a fake news story that prompted several countries to cut diplomatic ties with Doha.

Russia has come under scrutiny in recent months for its efforts to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election through a coordinated hacking and influence campaign, including the spreading of fake news.

Al Jazeera is the flagship broadcaster for Qatar, which is in a stand-off with fellow Arab states over alleged ties to terrorism, a row which is endangering stability in the region.

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