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al-qaida operative with suspected links to Rohingyas arrested in Delhi

The government has already expressed its fears that Rohingyas may be a security risk for India and this idea was validated today when the police arrested an al-qaida operative who is suspected to have links with the Rohingyas. The al-qaida operative belongs to Bangladesh and it is suspected that he has links with Rohingyas. The police allege that he had come to India to train Rohingyas. However, before he could execute his plan, he was arrested by a special team of Delhi police in Shakarpur. The arrested al-qaida operative has been identified as Subhan Haq and it has been revealed that he is a high-level hacker. He has also received arms training and has already radicalized a number of Rohingyas in Bangladesh. Now, he was targeting Rohingyas in India, which he why he had come to India.

Haq was found to be using a Voter ID from Bihar, but it is most likely to be fake. The police found a pistol with him along with four cartridges, a laptop and some foreign currency. According to police, Haq’s real name is Shami Ur Rahman. After completing his formal education up to 12, he had gone to South Africa and Syria, after which he joined the al-qaida network. The arrest of Haq cements the government’s view that Rohingyas could easily be targeted by terrorist organizations and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

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