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Friday , 21 June 2019
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Alert System to Detect Cows on Roads Is Discovered by Indian Engineers

There are many incidents when a car will get hit with the cow on the road. To avoid such accidents Indian engineers have discovered an automatic alert system to assist cars in evading hitting with cows on the road.

Researchers Sachin Sharma and Dharmesh Shah of the Department of Electronics & Communication, at Gujarat Technological University in Ahmedabad, said that it is low-cost system and process needs optimisation and further, the concern of night time driving is, however, to be talked.

This alert system has a console camera and a process which can define if the object near the vehicle is a cow and also if cow’s movements will create a risk to the vehicle.

If the risk is visible, a sensible audial or graphic indicator can then be activated to push the driver to smear the brakes, in case they see or do not see a cow.

This alarm system has marked 80 per cent of competency in detecting cows.

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