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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Ali Zafar’s version of Taher Shah’s single ‘Angel’ crosses five million hits!

Ever since the Pakistani singer Taher Shah launched his second hit single, Angel, the internet exploded as tweets poured in about the song. The Pakistani sensational singer has been dominating the internet for a few days now especially after the release of his latest song, Angel.

Now, days after Angel’s online release, the actor-singer-composer Ali Zafar decided to come up with his antidotal version of the same song. in the video, which has also gone viral, he narrates the lyrics of the track and tries to explain the philosophical ideology behind the song.

As soon as the multi-talented personality posted his version of Angel on his social networking site, he has been receiving fabulous response from people from across the globe, especially music buffs and bloggers who complimented Ali for coming up with his ‘new and improved rendition’ of Angel.

Ali says, “When I heard the number and watched the video, I laughed my head off. I thought to myself, ‘What if the same lyrics were read in another style? Would the meaning change?’ But I never knew I would wake up to five million hits the next morning.”

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