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Am I going to die? Gay man testifies at church trial

After Sunday prayer service in Jan 2013 Mathew Fenner was surrounded by group of church members .

He told police that  , a church leader and more than 20 other members repeatedly punched, beat and knocked him down for about two hours.At one point someone grabbed him by the throats and shook him he said 

That attacks took place to break me free of the homosexual demons they so viciously despise he said

Fenner who identifies as gay a year later 

In Dec 2014 ,a minister and four members of the church were indicted on charges that they kidnapped,beat and strangled Fenner

Fenner said he thought he was going to die while church members beat him

When Fenner was young he had cancer and underwent biopsy a week before the attack 

After two years investigation four former church members said they witnessed Fenner being attacked

Based on interviews, documents and secret recordings the AP reported in Feb that word of faith fellowship were regularly punched,smacked ,choked,slammed to the floor or thrown through walls just to purify sinners by beating out devils

The church has strict rules whether its congregants can marry or have children.If they fail they get physical punishment.Members can’t watch tv,go to movies , read newspaper or eat in restaurant as it is unclean 

Fenner fled after he was attacked 

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