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Amazon’s Top Alexa-Powered Echo Speaker in 2017

download-5The Giant Amazon is on development of a top version of Alexa-powered Echo speaker. This Echo speaker will be having 7 inch touchscreen. The product is planned to be rolled out in year 2017 in first months. In terms of portability, the device is adjustable to upward and downward direction, therefore anybody in standing position will be able to control the speaker so easily.

These top grade speakers will allow the gadget sound greatly better than current Echo devices. Device will make easy to reach the content like weather forecasts, calendar appointments, and news. It can be seen as strategy of Amazon to plan the extension of Alexa-powered line considering the marketing, and growing competition.  Amazon has already many gadgets in its basked like Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote & the Fire tablet. Amazon is enjoying already huge sale, till this time Amazon has sold more than 5 million Echo devices in the U.S. from the day it was launched in year 2014.  In device there would be the touchscreen addition which would be increasing consumer number.  Amazon has good competition with Google, both companies are trying hard to capture market’s maximum share.

About Amazon is an American electronic commerce company which was founded in year 1994 and it was started by Jeff Bezos  Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by its total sales and the market capitalization. The company started its first internet business by selling the books online later on more products were started selling over the internet.

Amazon operates separate commerce website in different countries like in India, in USA.  Amazon let users to submit their reviews to the web page of each product. And this way the reviewers are required to rate the product which starts from one to give starts. This rating helps other buyers to make decision on buying of a particular product.

Amazon also runs third party seller program in which the associate gets commission for referring the customer and customer finally buys the product.  As per data in year 2008 almost 40 % of sale was derived by Affiliation association by Amazon. After Google’s AdSense, Amazon’s affiliation program is popular. Since company’s foundation, the company was criticized for enticing customers away from the site’s brick and mortar competitors.

Also Amazon was criticized by current employees; moreover poor working conditions of warehouse became reason for criticism.   

 By: Ashu Bisht

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