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Americans Meditating to Lower Gun Violence This Season

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of a groundbreaking study,  The Meditation Effect will launch the largest ever national meditation research study focused on peace in American cities. Beginning New Years Day on January 1, 2019, The Meditation Effect will bring together as many as one million meditators as an initiative of  In partnership with HERE Global Foundation, the study will utilize the free HERE interactive meditation app premised on science, peace and purpose for iOS and Android devices.  Founder Lisa Broderick offered this:  “During this time of escalating violence, Americans from all backgrounds who want to do something to contribute to peace in the country will have a way they can easily help.  Meditating for peace worked before, and it can work now.”    Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, founder of HERE Global Foundation, said: “The time is now for peace to our cities, and we can get there from within each of us, because inner peace begets outward peace.”  With social media support from the Canfield Organization, founded by author Jack Canfield, the co-founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, The Meditation Effect will be based on a 1993 study where as many as 4,000 people were brought together in Washington DC to meditate on lowering crime.  According to that study, their meditations lowered crime by 23% during the month of the research.

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