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Amit Shah to bridge with Christian communitiy on Kerala visit

BJP chief Amit Shah heads off to Kerala for a three-day tour on Saturday, as part of his 110-day programme for organisational work, amid controversy over a recent Ministry of Environment notification banning the sale of cattle in animal markets for slaughter.

One of his first meetings on this trip would be a meeting with bishops in Kochi on Saturday, to underline the BJP’s efforts to build bridges with the Christian community, which accounts for 18-20 per cent of votes in the State.

The party’s in-charge of the State, H. Raja. said the meeting was aimed at “understanding each other” and added that Mr. Shah would undertake an “in-depth” analysis of the organisational work in the State during his three-day stay.

Sources in the party said there were “many areas of commonality” between the BJP and the concerns of the Christian community.

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