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AMU Not Serving Food to Hindus During Ramzan?

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has embroiled in controversy after claims that non-Muslims students were not being served breakfast and lunch during Ramzan

Omar Peerzada, who is the PRO of the University, told that the news was incorrect. Peerzada said that the AMU administration had instructed the mess authorities to provide food to non-fasting students on demand.

He said that this was not something new and has been practiced for a long time now. Lunch was not served in hostels if the student does not demand it during the month of Ramzan, owing to the age-old practice, and the fact that very few people eat during the day.

“The university is over a 100 years old and never has such a news come out,” he added.He also said that a number of Muslim students do not keep fast during the month due to various reasons, and they too are provided food in the halls if they demand it and also in the canteens in and around the university.

Jyoti Bhaskar, a mass communication student at AMU, who said, “It is a sad thing to bring a religious angle into the story.”

AMU’s General Secretary Nabeel Usmani said that lunch not being served has been a practice for many years and has not happened for the first time.

During Ramzan, canteens open at 3 am (when both Muslim and Hindu students can go and eat). Thereafter canteen is shut for the rest of day,” he said.

He said that because of ‘low sales’ during the day, people who run the mess halls keep them closed, and there’s no such order.

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