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An IAS officer dies in swimming pool to save woman IAS officer, family suspects  

Ashish Dahiya a young Indian IAS officer died in the swimming pool. The swimming pool was in a training institute of south Delhi.

The family of IAS officer claimed that he knew swimming and he cannot sink and they asked for an investigation. As per the sources in the night he soared in the swimming pool to bar a woman associate during a party.

He was among the 25 civil services batch-friends at the Foreign Service Institute last night. All of them were rejoicing last day of training for the Indian Foreign Service. It is said that they planned to have swimming in the pool in the Institute.

According to the police, they may have drunken.
According to the bystanders in the swimming pool, a woman officer glided and decked into the pool, to save her many of them fell in the pool.

The woman was saved however Dahiya was still in the pool and found later on floating insentient on the swimming pool.

Ashish Dahiya’s family claims that he was able to swim and they feel something wrong went and asked for an investigation into the incident.

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