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An Indian farmer is mounting a gene bank

Varanasi:  Here a farmer is mounting a gene bank based on the old-style practice monitored by Indian farmers for many years. Gene bank is a genetic bank which has the group of seeds, plants, and animals.

For Jai Prakash Singh a farmer the gene bank is the utmost determined plan, he has not even completed his high school studies.  Jai Prakash Singh has been studying for the past 20 ages together in gene bank project.

In past 20 years, Jai Prakash Singh has established 460 diversities of paddy and some 120 diversities of wheat and others. Among these, some have also been unconfined by the state administration. He has been congratulated by two previous Presidents of India for his initiative.

Mr. Singh’s skills have benefited across the country’s farmer, yet he not limited to the country, as his expertise has helped farmers across the world. He is expert in defending and emerging native high-yielding diversities of seeds.

He said that usually, farmers in the India do not have mixture seeds, therefore, they keep a share of their crop in clay vessels for next period and saved seeds are reserved for next two to three years. He has been evolving wheat, paddy and pulses’ diversities for two eras without high-tech workroom.

He added further that for him seeds are his sons and now he has started evolving a gene bank.

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