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Friday , 19 April 2019
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An Inspirational leader of India – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

A SCIENTIFIC LEADERThe last to first is going to mean a person that who gone from the last place of the India to rule the whole Indian country later. None other than our former president of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam. An inspiring leader to everyone and especially to the students. Because he came from a poor family and studied hard to pick up his goal. Also a innovative leader who has done and had so many revolution ideas and dreams about India.

Our Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam was born on 05 Oct 1931 at thanushkodi, rameshwaram, were it is the last place of the India map southeast side. And he completed his undergraduate in physics from St.joseph College, trichy.The his excellence and dedication in his field of study made him to go with aerospace engineering in MIT.and then after getting into the profession in DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) connected him to the government of India. When he was in DRDO, his first design was a small helicopter for the Indian military  then his passion towards his work given a space to design the Indian country as a 11th president of India as scientist .his love in science was focused to India and our nation security growth. That lead him to get the quality become the president of India .and he is the man of giving the best in what he does .His finest work in the field DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has brought him the success of missile program which he leaded. and his best of complements put together to get the India’s most prestigious awards padma bhushan in 1981,bharat ratna,padma vibhushan in 1990 ,also many of the universities has awarded him to his work and vision towards India. Also he is a scientist, professor, and author, president of aerospace engineering that shows the multi talented and capability of the person.

Vision of India as president voice:

He was elected as the 11th president of India in the year 2002.his quality and dedication has become doubled than before for the growth of India and Indian peoples. His consideration towards banning of child labour has given light to thousands of children’s life. Also his passion made him to work in nuclear physics even though some criticism was put on him those days. he lead the India right way that our nation has to become developed country and also his intelligent work as president has brought many dramatically growth to our country in sectors at his working period. Because a smart leader can make smatter atmosphere. He does that by his smart way of action to the india.And he kindled the fire among students to make India a developed country by 2020.That is true great revolutions are only achieved by the students in short time. He knows that and even the students want to do that soon making India as developed nation by 2020 and that was his dream too. and he every student’s dream later by his saying


And I really inspire the leadership quality as president and passion as scientist was the great tool for the students who grow with smart technology and being 82 years old his passion towards India still burns. He has been doing so many motivational talks and conducting saving trees awareness program to the students. at present he has been the visiting professor in some of the IIT’s .He is the man of simplicity .our nation has filled with growing science and technology at this time the dream of Abdul kalam will take India to extend of great success with the collaboration of the students.

I feel our former president of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam has made great impact to the students and that will make India soon a devolved country by 2020 with all Indians support. Because nothing is impossible to Indians, no has dreamt of that a small boy selling newspaper in rameswaram railway station will be the president of India and that happens. This proves the hard work will takes us to the leading power.

He does, then why can’t we students?


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