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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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An Ode to Good Old Ragi !

SOULFULL makes Ragi palatable and enjoyable

Soulfull 2

‘Ragi’, all along considered to be a poor man’s diet, has now been given the flavor and soul so that anybody can enjoy this highly nutritious cereal in a way they wish to consume it. SOULFULL Foods has packaged the humble Ragi into tasty, delicious, healthy, breakfast options.

Speaking about the health benefits that can accrue on regular consumption of Ragi, Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Father of Green Revolution and internationally acclaimed Genetic Scientist said, “Through consistent policy advocacy, the Indian Food Security Act now provides for enlargement of the food basket under the Public Distribution System (PDS) by including a wide range of millets like ragi, as well as maize, sorghum, pearl millet(bajra) etc. The need of the hour is for nutrition literacy, where people from all segments of society understand the benefits of millets. When this happens, the consumption of millets would enable the movement towards both food and nutrition security, and lead us towards achieving the Zero Hunger Challenge.”

Mr. Prashant Parameswaran, Managing Director, SOULFULL Foods who have conceptualized and launched Ragi in interesting formats, said “India is a young nation, and trends have shown an increased awareness about health and nutrition. In the last couple of years, there has been a marked awareness on healthy eating across social segments. Evidence of this can be seen in increased consumption for health clubs, and improved penetration of nutritious food products. It is here that SOULFULL wants to make a mark by providing a good combination of breakfast innovations with a focus on health that tickle your taste buds.”

Prof. Swaminathan further added “It is a very responsible initiative and we must soon have more number of retail companies providing various categories of health foods like Ragi, in a more palatable form.”

Talking about the idea, Mr. Prashant said, “Soulfull has leaned heavily on the goodness of traditional Indian foods, and has reworked them, to make it exciting and acceptable for the modern palette, and convenient for the modern homemaker. Soulfull works closely with eminent nutrition research scientists to bring high nutrition cereals like Ragi back into Indian homes.”

He further added, “Our products have received a fantastic response in Bangalore and Kerala and beginning to make an impact in Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad. We seem to have resonated with customers for the need for a health based brand which has Indian roots and bringing these wonder grains to the forefront. We believe that this just a start of a long and interesting journey as we further engage with our consumers and deliver products that resonates with them”.

The company has so far invested over Rs. 12 Cr. and plans to invest double the amount by the end of fiscal 2015-16 and expects to generate revenue of Rs. 80 Cr. by the end of 2017. The company is also expanding its reach to cities like Mumbai, Pune, simultaneously and plans to reach Calcutta and Delhi in the next one year. The company has positioned itself to become the Numero Uno of producer of range of health foods in the Indian market.

Soulfull offers Ragi Flakes made of 100 % Ragi, Ragi Fills – Ragi Outside & filled with Vanilla/ strawberry / chocolate flavors inside , Ragi Adai mix, Ragi Dosa mix,Rava idli,Rice Idli and Rice Methi Idli etc. and will soon introduce products made with other millets like  Navanai and Jowar.

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