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Anaemia, Iron Deficiency Anemia and Its Severity

There is inevitably a rapid increase in acute health problems among all age groups in large. In recent times, most of the researchers have observed that a large number of people suffer most with a low count in Hemoglobin (red blood corpuscles). If anyone of you is missing out to take their pills on time, Pill Reminder represent an application that helps in setting the reminder for the day, weeks and months as per requirement.

Most of the individuals ignore to take note of the critical factors affecting their health. The doctors have stated that due to the low count in red blood cells, there may be a risk of suffering from health – scare. By partaking of nourishing food, nutritious fruits and visiting the concerned doctor for routine checkups will make the person disease free.

What is Anaemia?

The deficiency in the total count of red blood cells (Hemoglobin) in the blood is termed as Anaemia. Anaemia derived from a Greek word that means lack of blood. The red blood cells supply oxygen all around the body in which the presence of a metalloprotein known as hemoglobin. In most cases, it goes undetected and shows minor signs. The doctors have claimed that the majority of their patients whom they have treated with this condition are women.


Most of them have anaemia, as it is a universal problem. The causes of anaemia are due to a decrease in a red blood cell, increased count of the red blood cells and blood loss.

  1. Deficiency in iron content

  Low count of Vitamin B12

  1.  Sickle cell disease

It causes thalassemia – blood-related disorder.

  1.  Hypervolemia

Excess intake of sodium

  1. Infection

The life span of red blood cells reduces due to malaria.

  1. Bone-related disorder

Due to cancer, the decrease in production of red blood cells weakens the body.

  1. Low blood count

Blood loss happens due to surgery, trauma, and menstruation.

Risk factors of Anaemia

For a certain number of people who are at excessive risk includes both men and women in a few scenarios

  1. Individuals following a vegetarian diet

There is a high risk for individuals following a vegetarian diet have a deficiency in anaemia as well as deficiency in iron content if they do not eat iron-rich food. Know how can you track diet.

  1. Pregnant women

  Severe problem of having a premature baby or low weight born due to iron deficiency anaemia. It prevents by taking iron supplements as doctors prescribed for this problem.

  1.  People diagnosed with cancer and other blood-related diseases

 Individuals having anaemia deficiency in iron content are prone to blood-related diseases.

  1. Premature baby

A premature baby born with low weight does not get enough iron from milk also has a greater chance in a deficiency in anaemia or iron deficiency anemia.

  1. Blood donors

People who donate blood also have a high risk of having anaemia or iron deficiency. Since donating blood may deplete iron content. Even though it is a temporary problem, eating nutrient-rich food, iron supplements will able to increase the blood count.

What is iron Deficiency anemia?

Iron Deficiency anemia happens due to the lack of red blood cells present in our body. It also transports oxygen-rich blood to the entire parts of the body. This condition is due to the insufficiency of iron content in our body. One can actually cure this by partaking iron supplements as per doctors’ advice to correct the count of iron content. Most of the causes of anemia are much similar, the only difference is the count of certain elements changes the condition based on it.


Most of the cases people might feel weak or tired if there is a chance of being anemic. They may have a breathing problem in this condition. The symptoms show the actual problem of anemia itself. Most of the doctors have come across certain symptoms among their patients while being treated by them.

  1. Pallor (pale skin)

The color of the skin turns pale due to the deficiency of red blood cells that causes anemia.

  1. Tiredness

Anaemia makes people feel tired (fatigue).

  1. Shortage of breath

The blood count is low as well as the oxygen level to is low which makes one difficult to breathe.

  1. 4. Having Headaches

Headache problem arises due to this condition.

  1. Heart-related problems

Irregular heartbeat due to improper circulation of blood.

  1. Weakness

This condition leads to dizziness, a collapse of the body due to low blood count.

  1. Hypotension

When there is a drop in blood pressure standing in a lying position, this problem termed as hypotension. It happens due to heavy blood loss.


The concerned doctor may ask to conduct certain tests to know the blood count as well as their levels in Vitamin B12. Blood and urine tests, physical examination test to check if there is any sign of anaemia. Additional tests suggested if there is any internal bleeding as well as determining the levels of iron content in our body. The doctor may decide to start treatment based on the severity after the test results.


The doctors give treatment based on the cause to prevent this condition from worsening.

  1. Medical supplements

Doctors prescribe medications of iron supplements or vitamin supplements to increase the blood count of our body. Certain antibiotics are given to avoid infection caused due to anaemia. An anti-inflammatory pill helps to alter their dose whenever they want.

  1. Surgeries

Doctors seek surgery as an option to prevent abnormal bleeding in case of heavy menstruation in women. If there is a risk of having severe anemia, as a precautionary measure surgery to remove the spleen from our body.

  1. Intake of food rich in iron

Following a chart of nutritious food to increase the blood count as well, most of the patients prefer to consult a nutritionist.

If there is a risk of having anaemia, the concerned doctor prescribes certain medicines to prevent more health problem. In such cases, Pill Reminder helps to take medicines in proper time in such a prospect. The doctors prefer their patients to use the application that helps to remind them to take proper care of them. It also shows a day-to-day entry of pills with the help of daily charts.

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