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Established in 1985 and now globally recognized, ANCA is an FFE Manufacturing Company which has continued to expand its international presence through its bespoke offering in retail and residential furnishings. Designing and delivering the highest quality furniture, fixtures and equipment, while combining innovative manufacturing technologies with ancient handicraft techniques, ANCA creates products which embody rare expressions of style, far removed from mass production and imitations.

ANCA launches two collections a year, classic and luxurious in nature, alongside bespoke furniture manufacturing services for large projects, providing full customization services. Each creation flaunts the finest craftsmanship traditions via an unparalleled combination of detailing, with the innovative use of materials and unique personalization, all curated with uncompromising standards of quality and excellence. ANCA’s in-house team of skilled artisans integrate a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, stone, glass, and upholstery, in order to create the perfect combination to suit each client’s needs. In 2018-2019, ANCA also received “Best Interior Design Private Residence” at the ASIA Pacific Property Awards, adding yet another international acclamation to the company.


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