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Andrea Abeli: Taking Social Media by Storm

Born on January 19, 1984 in Bucharest, Romania, Andrea Abeli has grown into a remarkable actress. From her tender age Andrea Abeli who is also known as Andreea Vasile, was social and outgoing. She grew up in Eastern Europe in Romania to be specific but later moved to Milan, Barcelona before shifting to London. She currently stays in Miami, Florida.

Andrea first entered the entertainment industry in 2013 during the production of the film ‘I’m an Old Communist Hag’. However, her role in ‘Umbre’ brought her into the limelight. The Romanian crime-drama produced by HBO Europe became the first European Series to be aired in an American Television.

In 2015, Andrea also became popular as she acted as Dora in the legal film titled ‘Why Me?’ This added her numerous fans and became her stepping stone towards becoming famous. Andrea turned into a social media influencer and became a true socialite motivating others into modelling.

With a curvaceous body, Andrea’s photos are highly liked on her social media pages. Her posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linked in and twitter have garnered a great following. Andrea has a master’s degree in law but has built a career in photography, web design and entertainment activities which has made her the icon she is today.

Recently, Andrea amused her over 1.2 million followers by launching her own exclusive website. This is something that is likely to take social media by storm. She intends to use the site to have her fans access her photos and videos and other entertainment products. Her fans will also be able to connect to other social media influencers through the website. It will give them an opportunity for personalized communication with her.

The site has unique attributes as the fans will be able to order for custom photos and videos. Andrea will connect with the fans and help them get premium subscriptions. She also helps upcoming models to follow her path into success.

In conclusion, Andrea may have undergone unorthodox upbringing to secure the fame she has today. However, her acting and aggressive presence on social media especially Instagram has helped her grow into a reckonable model. She attributes her success to knowledge, resources and her beauty. Though there are challenges that she faces, such as criticism after undergoing cosmetic surgery, she presses on and is heading into great success as a socialite.

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