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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Android 7.0 ‘ N ‘ Hidden features


1. Custom DPI: In the previous versions of android users needed to root their devices so that they can set up the custom DPI, but in Android N you can do that without rooting the device.To set your custom DPI for the display go to the Display settings on your device and then select the Display size option from there.You will get the five options to set the DPI i.e small, default, large , larger and the largest.Choose any of the one from there.

2. Emergency Info: This is another great feature in which the stranger can get access to your emergency profile in case any mishap happens to you.To set your emergency profile go to the settings of your phone and then from there select ‘users’ and then Emergency information.Here you can fill up the information about yourself.Your information can be accessed right from the lock screen.

3. Moving Texts: You might be knowing that the Android N has the cool new feature in which you can split the screen to use the multiple apps at the same time and on the same screen.While using the split screen features you can also enjoy the great feature of dragging and dropping the text from one app to the other.This can be done by selecting the text and then holding on the touch to move the Text.

4. Enable System UI Tuner: With the launch of Android 6 Marshmallow the new feature of System UI Tuner was arrived and in the Android N you get this feature further improved and now you get a set of features like Night Mode, display calibration etc and many more.

5. Pin Apps to the Top In Share Menu: The android users might be knowing that whenever you share anything on the android you will be prompted with a list of apps that you can use to share the file.In Android N you can Pin the favourite app to that list and it shall be listed every time you will now share anything.To pin the app just hold touch on the app and then you will get the option to “Pin”. Thats all just select it and it shall be done.

6. Add numbers to Call Blocking list: That’s really something that you will find useful. There is the option in the Android N with which you can add the numbers to the block list and you shall never get any call from that numbers.To add to the block list go to the settings of the dialer on your phone and then select the call blocking option.Add the numbers there that you want to block.

7. Block Notifications For Apps (the easy way): Notifications can be annoying sometimes and for some apps, so you might want to block the notifications for the apps.Android N provides the easy way to block the notifications right from the notification center.To block up the notifications swipe the notifications slightly and then tap the cog icon that appears.You will now get to the option of blocking notifications.Just select that option and you are done.

Conclusion :- So these were the best hidden feature for the Android N and if you are a Android N user then you should try these amazing features that are new to this version.Check for the details about the particular feature in the above article and know about how you can use these features.


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