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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Animal abuse & neglect

First thing first, what do we imagine when we heard the word ‘’animal abuse’’? Is it only a punch or kicked or beating?

Animal abuse is when people do cruel things to animals which we are not suppose  to do towards the animals. This include kicking, punching, put hot water and overuse. The other  common thing that we always do is to “neglect’’. Neglect means that they don’t care just ignore this always happen when an animal is old and sick and people gets tired and they left them just like that. This include abandoned of watering, feeding, walking, cleaning their cages and the most important thing is when we don’t take them to hospital when they are suffering with some disease. Some people might think that neglecting is not abusing animals but it is because the result after the neglect is that we saw them being skinny, weakness due to various disease. Some people might just do all this things just for fun and to satisfy their wants, don’t you think it is cruel? Don’t you think that they have their own life and they need to enjoy and get the freedom to live just like we did.

           All we have to do is listen to them and show love and care towards them. If we saw them suffering or lying due to hunger in the street , all we can do is just call for help there are various  centre for animals eg: like the PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society). Where it helps the animals to recover from their suffering and get their happy life back. As of now most of the animals are rarely find so as to think about our next generation we better preserved and keep them alive by giving them proper house to live proper food to eat.

                   To sum up everything we just need to stop abusing the animals and make their life as happy as our life.

By: Mary AssumptaWriang

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