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Animal Market sees no trade after Centre’s new rule on cow trading

After the Centre government ban on the sale of cows to slaughter in the animal market, this rule has affected the animal market volume hugely.

A cattle market in Uttar Pradesh was witnessing the sale of about 250-300 buffaloes but the new rule has changed the scenario. Now the sale is low and to a very limited number.

The new rule says that sale of the cow for slaughter at animal markets is not allowed and in this way only cattle can be sold for agricultural purposes which include dairy production and others.

While before in the cattle market, numbers of buyers were appearing, now after the rule there was not even the only buyer. Those who arrived in the market to sell their old cattle to slaughters did not see any buyer and went without any business.

As per the officers of the market, usually, a farmer buys a cow between Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 thousand and once the cattle gets older, they sell it in the cattle market between Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 thousand, and in the amount, they add some more from their pocket and buy new cattle. Now the ban has demolished the arrangement cycle.  

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