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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Anna Hazare plans satyagraha against Narendera Modi government for not implementing Lokpal Act

Social Activist Anna Hazare remains in the agitation mode  and disclosed to the gathering that the was ready to once again launch an agitation from Ramlila grounds in New Delhi. He is planning to target the Narendera Modi government for its unwillingness to appoint a Lokpal at the centre.

Anna Hazare stated :

This has been on my mind for some time now. I even wrote a letter to the Prime Minister questioning why their government had shown so much apathy in appointing a Lokpal.

We will start it by July latest. When Modi government took over , I was hopefulthat the demands for the implementation of the Lokpal Act  would have been met but its has not happened yet from pas 3 years.

I will intentionally go on ‘satyagraha’. I have been silent from past 3 years but the promises that were made to me and the people have not been fulfilled.

I have told farmers that if they are willing to die to protect their land. I will do satyagaraha.

I have been stressing upon is that we need to do away with political parties who are working only  for themselves and not for the welfare of the common people.

I have had five meetings with their Election Commission on the need to do away with political parties completely. I have held 550 sabhas and traveled 6,000 kilometers highlighting this issue.

I am not giving lecture and have been doing social work  for many decades now.People must develop a sense of sacrifice. We have to enlighten voters and make them aware that no lootera will be allowed to win. If we campaign strongly for this I believe by the time of 2018 elections, people will be convinced  and will vote for the best candidates..

This is why Lokpal Bill is important for the residents.

We will end only when we bring change and we will end our ‘satyagaraha’ only when we achieve our goals.

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