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Another Sanitation Worker Dies While Cleaning Sewage, 10th Such Death in 35 Days

Another sanitation worker in Delhi died after entering a toxic gas filled PWD sewer line in Lok Nayak hospital on Sunday.

This is the third incident since July 16 claimed nine lives according to reports.

Fifty-year-old Rishi Pal descended into the drain without any safety equipment.

He was accompanied by three coworkers  Bhisham, Kiran and Sumit.  

They had gone inside the sewer and inhaled toxic fumes and were later found unconscious

They were taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre where the doctors declared that they were “brought dead”.

Just three weeks ago four sanitation workers died of suffocation while cleaning a septic tank in south Delhi’s Ghitorni area.

Every day hundreds of men descend into the putrid, foul smelling gutters of the national capital without any safety gear.

There is a lack of safety equipments  and proper procedures are seldom followed, which puts the lives of thousands of sanitation workers at risk.

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