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Anushka Sharma considered herself a ragpicker in childhood

Anushka talked about her childhood hobby when she became a part of TV show Yaar Mera Superstar with Diljit Dosanjh to promote her forthcoming film Phillauri. During the course of interaction, Anushka said, as a child she used to feel like a ragpicker because of her habit of collecting wrappers. She even said that she used to get a lot of hitting from her mom because of this habit of hers. 

The Phillauri actress even said that she used to collect trashed wrappers from the streets. She said in detail “I used to collect so many. I would put them inside shoe boxes and I would store them under my cupboard. One day, my mom opened the cupboard and saw some ants, and the way she got angry and shouted, saying ‘Have you lost your mind, who keeps these kinds of things’. I’m telling her very seriously, ‘Mom it’s my collection’ and she goes like ‘What kind of collection is this?’ I used to collect stamps, coins. I used to have a very nice stamp collection, coins I would collect, and this also, it was my hobby.”


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