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Anushree Pacheriwal

Co Founder & Creative Navigator, Gemius

A graduate in communications & graphic design, Anushree is the co founder and Creative Navigator at Gemius, one of the youngest and most innovative full service creative & social media agency in India. 

Anushree has been a front row leader in the field of communication design and has worked with several brands from the fields of life style & fashion, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Entertainment and Consumer Electronics. Her ideations and concepts have helped the client’s win several National & International accolades including the Best 360 degree Marketing Campaign of the Year Award, the Retail Business Marketing Award, and numerous media mentions and stories.

Anushree believes in the fundamental principles of good design and has been on board with several design schools, sharing her knowledge about the field and involving with students and faculty for various design thinking and strategising sessions.

Her inclination towards creating engaging content also drives her to be the chief explorer at the travel blog, Lanes to Love, in which she shares about her explorations around the world and documents rich experiences along with her partner, Saurabh.

Anushree has been an active contributor to the society through the medium of Global Shapers Community and believes in the power of ideas. She organises one of the largest TEDx events of the country (TEDxSurat) and helps in bringing path breaking ideas to the community.

Anushree is an avid reader, a music lover, a passionate chef, a zealous baker and a graceful performer. She is a trained Kathak dancer and has performed at several stage shows in her life. Creativity and Art is a part of Anushree as much as her passion for being one of the finest media professionals worldwide.

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