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Apple’s WWDC17 – World awaits

Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Monday that Amazon Prime Video would be available on Apple TV and other Apple devices starting later this year. He was addressing the audience during the Anual World Wide Developer Conference event in San jose, California today.

Apple has about 50 media partners that supply content to its Apple TV and on the television app on its popular iPhone. But Inc’s service, which includes hit shows like “Transparent,” has been a notable absence from Apple’s hardware.

There were several annunocements made as part of the event.

Highlights are:

  • Apple announces new $5000 desktop computer.
  • Spec bumps for the iMac
  • Update to Metal graphics card
  • New version of macOS

There are updates for watchOS, A Siri-powered watch face, which automatically displays the information most relevant to you.

Various updates on the apple’s browser Safari was announced, As per the keynote speaker

Safari will be the ‘fastest ever desktop browser’,
Autoplay blocking, which stops music and video from playing without your permission on websites.
“Intelligent tracking prevention”, which uses machine learning to prevent ads from following you around the web.

Apple’s Metal API, which allows developers to code directly for Mac’s graphics cards, gets an update. Metal 2 will apparently have 10x better draw call throughput, a faster frame debugger, and GPU counters.

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