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‘Are You Mad,’ Says Chandrababu Naidu To Man Who Asked About Power Cuts

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who was campaigning for a by-election in Nandyala constituency of Kurnool district on Tuesday, shouted at a man for asking about power cuts in the area.

Naidu was speaking about his government’s achievements and electricity supply in the area.

When the man raised the issue of power cuts, “How dare you talk to me like that? I came as a political leader and Chief Minister. In front of so many of my party activists, you dare to talk in that way,” Naidu said.

The chief minister also accused the man of being a member of YSR Congress.

“Are you mad? Are you drunk? If you have been sent by the YSR Congress, don’t come to my meeting. Stay at home,” he said.

Naidu was in Nandyala to campaign for Telugu Desam Party candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy for a by-poll.

The chief minister had sparked a controversy in June too, when he held a meeting with a group of people, who had raised some issues, at Nandyal.

“If you don’t like my administration, do not take pensions doled out by my government nor walk on the roads laid by my government,” Naidu had said.


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