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Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Aroma Leaf, A Facial Glow

Six months ago, I wanted to buy a gift for my sister’s birthday party. She is obsessed with beauty, especially of having a clear, glowing skin. Therefore, I thought that a gift from Aroma leaf will be an amazing choice.

Aroma Leaf is one of the most popular manufacturers of beauty products in the world, and they recently commenced 3 types of facials which are capable of providing you a glowing and flawless skin. Those new fabulous   products penetrate your skin to help you regain skin charm, and they also enhance the skin tone.

I was really confused between the three products which are Aroma Leaf O+FAIRER GLO, Aroma Leaf GOLD BLISS and Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW. The 3 seemed great, but I had never use them before, so I bought the 3 products for my sister and other 3 for me to try them by myself.

After trying them for 6 months, even words can’t describe my happiness and satisfaction.

Each one of them is a unique treatment  for my skin to make me look gorgeous all the time,  and that is what I need after all.

The first cream, Aroma Leaf ARREGLO, controls my worst problem which is the skin oil and enhances the skin complexion. It is also wonderful for dark complexion skin as well as improving the dull and tanned skin.

The second facial, Aroma Leaf GOLD BLISS, is not less important than the first. It provides natural luster to my skin, since it works as an advanced skin radiance agent. It actually contains gold dust which ensures a glowing skin and fits all skin types.

Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW, as its name suggest… It is an advanced Skin Brightening formula which provides instant glow to my skin, this gorgeous facial actually illuminates my skin with its dazzling radiance and fits  all skin types.

These three facials are so effective and beneficial for all types of skin and they are available online, in pharmacies and in stores. From now on, they will be always available in my closet too.

Moreover, they doesn’t cost you so much, because their prices are negligible with respect to their effects:

1- Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW costs at Rs. 150.

2- Aroma Leaf O+FAIRER GLO costs Rs. 175.

3- Aroma Leaf GOLD BLISS costs Rs. 175.

Each of them comes in a pack of 50 G, and you can buy them  all or separately in almost.everywhere.

As for me and my sister, we intend to use Aroma Leaf for a long time, and we recommend you to use it too for a glowing, really glowing skin.

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