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As ‘Tribute’ To Pradyuman Thakur, Hackers Take Down Ryan School Websites

Ryan International School’s website was hacked on Wednesday by a team of hackers who call themselves Team Kerala Cyber Warriors / GHO57_R007.

However, the website is no longer accessible.

The website was hacked on the day when the Bombay High Court granted relief to Augustine Francis (73) Pinto, founder of the Ryan International School and his wife Grace Pinto, in connection with the murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur.

A Class II student, Pradyuman’s throat was allegedly slit by a bus conductor in the school’s men’s room.

Though the conductor confessed to his crime immediately, recent investigation has shown that the crime scene was tampered with by the school authorities.

A message on the website says, “You may be gone. But you will never be forgotten”.

It further blames the school for not taking responsibility for its student’s safety.

The hackers demand justice for the death of Thakur.

They also blamed the school authorities for not installing CCTV cameras and for failing to check the background of employees before hiring them.

Furthermore, it criticises the school for allowing vendor staff into school buildings and students’ washrooms.

The group hacked four websites: (the official website of the group), (of Ryan International School), (its global website) and (website of Ryan TV).


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