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At Least 25 Shot At Little Rock Nightclub; Hunt For Suspects Continues, Police Say

Police say 25 people were shot inside a packed club in Little Rock, Arkansas, early Saturday.

Several others were injured attempting to escape .

Some jumped from second-story windows at the Power Ultra Lounge.

Two people were still in critical condition.

“When you force these two communities into a small room and some kind of dispute ensues, it was a recipe for disaster,” said Police Chief Kenton Buckner.

Mayor Mark Stodola told reporters the Power Ultra Lounge would be shut down for unspecific violations.

The police department was trying to find multiple suspected shooters, as well as the rapper who was performing at the club.

Police did not say what sort of gang dispute was suspected in the incident.

Buckner said it could have been related to about a dozen drive-by shootings that took place in Little Rock the previous week.

Two off-duty police officers were working the parking lot, Buckner said.

Shortly before they went home about 2 a.m., the chief said, the officers refused entry to a group of people, one of whom openly carried a gun.

Somehow those people found another way in said chief.

“What are you all doing today?” a man asks a few seconds before more than two dozen shots ring out in rapid succession.

Rankin’s screen goes dark as people scream and attend to the injured.

In total, 28 people were injured, including three hurt in the chaotic escape.



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