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Australia attack – Explosion heard

One man kept a woman hostage inside a Melbourne apartment, where a loud explosion had been heard earlier. Two police officers who were trying to get into the apartment have been shot and are injured. Thirty or forty rounds of gunfire have been heard at the scene of the hostage situation.

Once law enforcement arrived at the apartment block shortly after 4 p.m. local time, they found a man dead on the lobby floor with a gunshot wound.

A second man was holding a woman against her will in one of the apartments.

The Victoria police have still not ruled out the incident related to terrorism. The authorities have involved counter terrorism experts.

There are reports that a man called a news network and he is suspected to the gunman himself.

A massive explosion was heard in Bay Street, Brighton, and specialist units are investigating the incident. Police were called to the scene after emergency calls reported loud bangs.

The authorities have asked the locals to avoid the area.

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