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Austria heads for Snap Elections

Austria is headed to a Snap Election after its Chancellor Chritian Kern admitted trouble over the coalition  partners People’s Party(OVP). Kern’s Social Democrats(SPO) has been ruling the country.

However opinion polls suggests that Freedom Party(FPO) may make it to the top post whose candidate had lost the Presidential election less than a year ago.

Austrian Govt is usually formed with two parties and few surveys suggested that if Kurz became the leader of the OVP, there are chances of him becoming the Chancellor. Kurz takes tough decision on immigrants. Within hours, Kurz was appointed as the Party Leader. As soon as he was appointed, he held a news conference where he said he would meet the Chancellor and propose a parliamentary election. Kern is apprehensive of holding a snap election though.

“There will definitely … be an election, I assume in the coming autumn,” Kern told ORF TV. He also said “It was the case from the first day onwards that there was a group within the OVP that wanted to work with us (Social Democrats) constructively … and then there were some who were less interested in this government succeeding. They have now prevailed within the OVP.”


Reinhold Mitterlehner, quit on Wednesday after failing to stop in-fighting among his ministers and Kurz took over the party mantle as he is seen as the only hope to revive the party with his own style of functioning.

“We have decided that we are starting a movement, that we are relying on valued forces within the People’s Party but at the same time bringing new people on board,” Kurz told a news conference.

FPO has accused Kurz of stealing their ideas in being tough on immigrants. Though FPO supports the idea of Snap Elections, both them and OVP are three seats short of a majority.

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