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Home remedies for hair and skin care during Coronavirus

skin care tips

Since we all our sitting at home and the air outside is getting cleaner, avoid washing your hair. We are not going outside so the hair aren’t getting polluted, so it’s better we let the natural oil in our hair do its magic and not use artificial chemicals and shampoo & give our scalp and hair some rest. Those who ... Read More »

How will COVID 19 have a larger impact on the luxury market?

finance business

Over the years, with more and more consumers increasing purchasing power and accepting their zest to shop luxury items, the entire industry has witnessed a mammoth change. Aspirational buyers have turned into regular consumers thus ensuring an increase in the consumer base for globally. However, with the current situation and lockdown being witnessed PAN India and globally, few sectors of ... Read More »

5 tech platforms that offers support during Coronavirus outbreak

mobile chatbox

The country has been exploring every step in their capacity to combat and contain the rapid spread of COVID -19. While it has set a good example in terms of dealing with crisis at initial stage itself, To fight the pandemic, several medtech companies have come forward and developed solutions, which can help in identifying the disease and take preventive ... Read More »

TVS Motor pledges Rs 25 cr donation for PM’s Relief Fund

Meerut :  TVS Motor Company on Monday said it will donate Rs 25 crore to the PM’s Relief Fund (PM-CARES) for battle against COVID-19 pandemic. The company is contributing on behalf of various group firms like TVS Credit Services Ltd, Sundaram-Clayton Ltd and others, it said. This is in line with the company’s continuous endeavour to ensure prosperous and sustainable communities, TVS Motor Company said in a statement. The contribution is in addition to the ... Read More »

Recipe : Vegetable, Sprouts & Oats Cutlet

Ingredients •Chopped carrots: 20gms •Chopped beans: 20gms •Green peas crushed: 20gms •Home grown sprouts: 100gms •Cottage cheese grated: 30gms •Oats powder: 40gms •Cumin: 5gms •Ginger chopped: 5gms •Green chill chopped: 5gms •Salt: as required •Hing: as required •Peanut oil: for shallow fry/20ml •Fresh coriander chopped: few sprigs Method:-  In a pan put peanut oil. Add cumin, Ginger, Geenchillies,  hing and ... Read More »

Recipe : Paneer/ Tofu Satay

Ingredients                                     Quantity Paneer / Tofu                                          200gms Thai Red Curry Paste                        2tbsp Coconut Milk                                        06tbs Fresh Red Chilli                                   2nos           Oil                                              30ml Lemon Grass                                         01no Lemon Leaf                                            02no Glangal                                                  01 Small No Corinder                                                05gms Lemon                                                      01nos Salt                                                         To Taste Method Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl except the paneer / tofu. Cut the paneer / tofu inti ½ inch thick finger ... Read More »

Is South Florida vulnerable to Earthquakes?

The destructive damages lined up due to the consecutive earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.4 quake has severely impacted Puerto Rico. And people cannot help but panic and get curious about these earthquakes affecting Florida as well. The concern and anxiety are entirely justifiable because we aren’t unaware of the hurricane season that affects Puerto Rico. What happens there could ... Read More »

Amidst the lockdown, PayPoint ensures basic banking services at essential neighborhood shops

Further to the directives of the Indian Finance Minister to keep banking services operational, PayPoint micro-ATMs installed at its retail partners help citizens withdraw cash, transfer money, and deposit cash at no extra charges. The facility can be availed with other essential services such as grocery, medicine and food. Hyderabad, March 30, 2020: As the country comes to a standstill due ... Read More »

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