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Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Keeping alive the magic of Kathak


Dhriti Nritya Academy, a Delhi based organization is on a mission to keep the India’s oldest dance forms alive. The academy in its flagship event UDYAM tries to take Kathak to a larger audience with a mission to involve more and more people with the beautiful art form which is Kathak. In an event held yesterday at CSOI, with the ... Read More »

Facebook Exposed For Systematic Overcharging on Ads (NOT Fake News)

facebook fraud exposed

Thousands of people have been duped by Facebook through exorbitant overcharging on its advertisements. You are shown a small amount on the screen when you book a Facebook advert, but the charges keep spiraling in the background. Many people have reported that their credit/debit cards have maxed out, as a result of systematic overcharging on ads by Facebook. This is ... Read More »

Principles ofthe Bhagavad Gita That Can Change Your Life

what is bhagvat gita newspatrolling

The Bhagavad Gita is sacred to the Hindus, but the teachings and wisdom provided in the book are universal in nature. One of the best things about Bhagavad Gita is that its principles are relevant for every generation and have practical applicability in every sphere of life. Any individual can apply the principles of Bhagavad Gita in their life to ... Read More »

The Indian Insolvency & Bankruptcy Act, 2016: What is this and how will it affect us?

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Act, 2016

In current times, bad loans are an issue not only for Indian but also for international creditors. The Indian Insolvency & Bankruptcy Act (IBA), 2015 is a broad, national-level insolvency legislation that covers businesses, partnerships and individuals (entities other than financial firms). Importantly, the IBA creates a formal framework for enabling timely resolution of insolvency issues and liquidation processes and ... Read More »


Vodafone SuperNetTM  4G customers to experience VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services across Chennai Enjoy HD quality voice calls with faster call set up time Simultaneous Voice and 4G data Invested over ₹7200 Crores till date, including ₹450  Crore last year Launched and Rolled out over 7234  Sites launched in the period Jan’17- Jan’18  Chennai, April 20th 2018: Vodafone, one of India’s largest telecommunication services providers, announced the roll-out of its ... Read More »

Skincare tips: Take better care of your skin this summer

skin care tips

Skin is the interface of our body to the external environment hence changing seasons have a large impact on the skin and thus require a change in skincare routine in summer as well. Summer brings excess heat and dryness in the air. It also brings with it a higher UV radiation on the skin. So adequate water intake and fresh ... Read More »

Both Pennsylvania Senate & House to open with Hindu mantras on June 19

Pennsylvania Capitol

On June 19, both Pennsylvania State Senate and House of Representatives in Harrisburg will start their respective sessions with Hindu prayers, containing verses from world’s oldest existing scripture. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed will deliver the invocations from ancient Sanskrit scriptures before the Senate and House. After Sanskrit delivery, he then will read the English interpretation of the prayers. Sanskrit is ... Read More »

Revised SAGE recommendation on use of dengue vaccine

Geneva, 19 April 2018 – WHO published the recommendations of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) on the use of Dengvaxia® on 27 May 2016, and subsequently a WHO position paper on dengue vaccine on 29 July 2016. Following the disclosure of new data on Dengvaxia® by its manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, on 29 November 2017 (as described in ... Read More »

15years after Renal Transplant: Kanpur resident tells her story

Diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 9, underwent pediatric Renal Transplant at the age of 14 At present she is working as a project engineer in Kanpur  Diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 9yrs (1996) Ms. Avantika Awashti (now 31yrs of age) was having blurred vision, severe headache and vomiting. It took local doctors two years to detect ... Read More »

Powerplay in IPL, #ManforcePowerplay on Twitter

New Delhi, 20th April 2018: The much-awaited cricket T20 extravaganza, Indian Premier League a.k.a, IPL, went underway on the 7th of April, 2018. Other than the 8 teams locking horns for the coveted trophy, brands also battle it out to tap the potential of this gala event & grab audience’s attention, through ATL and Digital mediums. Manforce, in association with award-winning agency, Grapes ... Read More »

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