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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Are you suffering from GERD? These could be the symptoms

gerd disease

Do you often experience chest pain? Finding it difficult to swallow your food? Then, beware! It could be Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Here, we list out the symptoms and few strategies to deal with it. One may suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach ... Read More »

Allergic cough: Know why timely intervention is the need of the hour

cough sneezing

Continuous coughing can be annoying and may rob your peace.  Moreover, if you are suffering from an allergic cough then it is essential to consult your expert immediately and get it sorted at the right time. Here, we tell you what is allergic cough, its symptoms and how to deal with it. A cough is a common reflex action which ... Read More »

Remarkable Places to visit in Nepal


Nepal, the country which is called as a place always ready to offer adventurous activities to its tourists. Nepal is blessed with surreal natural beauty, cultural attractions, and also for boasting cultural attractions including temples and the historical monuments. The country is renowned for its high tourism rate where travelers come from all across the globe. The majestic mountains are ... Read More »

GEO, 2019 : Economics is everywhere and everything is economics

New Delhi: With the initiative to make the young minds aware of the significance that Economics as a subject holds and the need to be well-versed with a language that transcends boundaries, International Finance Olympiad proudly presents Global Economics Olympiad (GEO), 2019 across the country. Global Economics Olympiad 2019 invites applications from students of class 9th to 12 th . ... Read More »

The Secretariat of the WHO FCTC and WHO applaud the Brazilian government’s action

to seek compensation from tobacco companies 23 May 2019 – On 21 May, the Office of the Attorney-General of Brazil filed a lawsuit at the Federal Court of Rio Grande do Sul against the largest tobacco corporations in Brazil and their parent companies abroad, to seek recovery of healthcare costs related to the treatment of tobacco-induced diseases. The claim covers costs ... Read More »

Live Video Streaming Platforms in Trend

live streaming in

India has seen a sudden rise in the video space where people are using existing and trending platform to make their content viral, brands have been using these platforms for promotional purposes. However, there is a new untapped brand and influencer the opportunity that needs to be tapped in the form of Live Video Streaming. Live video streaming is a way ... Read More »

This summer, keep your stomach cool by keeping yourself hydrated

With the temperatures soaring as high as 38 degrees in the city, loss of appetite is becoming extremely common this summer. Appetite loss combined with dehydration and diarrhea makes way for a host of gastric and indigestion problems. Eating anything that’s oily or spicy during the summer can further add to your digestion woes. Thus health experts suggest that it ... Read More »

Five diet tips for healthy and shiny summer hair


Healthy hair is a difficult task and calls for a bunch of good habits to be followed with absolute obedience. It is a combination of healthy food routines, good hair care regime, right water and mineral consumption and above all protection from the harmful weather conditions. In summers the challenge escalates, extreme heat or a humid environment rips off the ... Read More »

A surprise midnight drop for Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Glow’

by adidas Originals, makes sneaker heads go berserk adidas Originals lived up to its name by creating a breakthrough Creative Hype strategy to launch its much awaited Yeezy 350 V2 Glow. The Surprise midnight drop by adidas Originals made sneakerheads go crazy, trying to fetching the sneaker, as a result of which a limited number of pairs got sold out in a ... Read More »

Post Elections reaction quote on behalf of Next Education

“The Indian education system is evolving fast and in the past few years, we have witnessed numerous changes. From introducing a new education policy to reforming NEET exam requirements or putting emphasis on digitised classrooms, ICT-enabled learning and quality teacher training programmes –  different steps are taking towards the development of the K-12 sector. Furthermore, the Interim Budget 2019 announced ... Read More »

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