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How a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (UK) Membership is a game-changer for Indian doctors?

health care center doctor

Highlights: As laudable as it is to be a doctor, the aspiration to serve the community and make it into a lucrative career poses numerous challenges while opting for a post-graduation in India. To many of the MBBS graduates who have long wanted a viable PG option to achieve better standards and global recognition, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (UK) ... Read More »

SKORE OH! Launched in Delhi Pleasure Gel for Women

score ohh gel

Delhi -17th September2019 SKORE, the leading brand in condoms and sexual wellness products launched the first of its kind Gel product targeted at women; Skore OH! helps women achieve orgasm and leads to sexual empowerment and well-being in a category where studies have shown that lesser than 30% women are able to achieve orgasm. Skore OH! was unveiled in a ... Read More »

Digital screen addiction leads to ‘Kyphosis’ in childrens

Kyphosis' in childrens

A 16 year young boy studying in 11 standard in Delhi had been experiencing a hunchback deformity for the last 3 years. His deformity was so prominent and progressive that he started feeling shy and would refuse to got to school too. Therefore, it not just affected his personality but studies as well. On investigations, the boy was diagnosed with a ... Read More »

main benefits of free random video chat

Video chats are the easiest and most convenient way to meet new people from around the world. Video chats provide instant access to communicate with others from all different places. Free random video chats is the best way to get to know others and start a conversation. Video chats have grown in popularity over the years as a result of ... Read More »

simple tips on hardwood flooring maintenance

room interior home decor

Installing hardwood flooring is a massive financial commitment that could play off in the long run. You should be able to take good care of your flooring, in order to keep it is excellent condition for an extended period of time. By ensuring proper care and timely maintenance, it would be possible for you to have hardwood flooring for several ... Read More »

Tips on ironing your clothes correctly


Though ironing is a common household chore, many of us might not be aware of certain tips that will help them get a better result or consume lesser time in the process. The article below will help you with some quick tips on how you can make your ironing experience less tiring yet more effective and on-point. Use an ironing ... Read More »

Scholarly Research and the Peer Review

research lab scientist testing

Scientists and researchers share similar goals when it comes to proposing an idea and carrying out the process of validating or proving that idea. The scientific process of asking questions, researching the topic, proposing a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing the results, and then reaching a conclusion are used in many fields, including psychology, drug development, medicine, genomics, health, and ... Read More »

नवजात शिशुओं के लिए एक और जरूरी चेकअप-स्पलिट स्पाइन डिफेक्ट

डॉ. सतनाम सिंह छाबड़ा, निदेशक, डिपार्टमेंट ऑफ न्युरोसर्जरी, सर गंगाराम अस्पताल       स्पाइन बाइफिडा (स्पलिट स्पाइन) एक मस्तिष्क संबंधी विकार है, जिसमें रीढ़ की हड्डी और स्पाइन कार्ड के आसपास की झिल्ली पूरी बंद नहीं होती हैं। यह खराबी बच्चे की कमर के निचले भाग में होती है और दुर्लभ मामलों में, कमर के बीच वाले भाग या ... Read More »

Minimally invasive treatment can cure early spinal tumour

spine issue in old age back pain

Somya(32) name changed, homemaker, mother of two was focusing her energies more on her kids and home that she used to ignore the pain on left side of upper back. Not paying much heed to it thinking that the tiredness would have caused it, the pain has continuous for over one year. Over time, gradually the pain had aggravated, so ... Read More »

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