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Football Around The World

Football, oh football! The game that swirls different emotions and ignites the passions of millions. There is a good reason why football is referred to as a language that anyone of any race can speak. Popularly referred to as soccer in the United States of America, the history of football can be traced all the way back to over 2,000 ... Read More »

Rock this festive season with these amazing party speakers

jpb speaker

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: 4 best party speakers to choose from The season of festival is back and so is the season of hosting memorable get-togethers and parties. While we still have to be wary of getting complacent amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is high time we killed the boredom induced by prolonged lockdowns and social distancing. And before ... Read More »

Scam 1992 Leads Pratik Gandhi & Anjali Barot Open Up About Their Strong “Risk Hai Toh Ishq Hai” Relationship On Screen 

-With Harshita Dagha Gripping audiences by its horns, the systematic rise and fall of Harshad Mehta’s stock market journey has endorsed how a slice of scam-to-death reality is acknowledged by the viewers, however brutal and/or complex it be. While the crime-drama unravels various traits of Mehta which suggest betrayal, crooked wit and a tainted personity, Jyoti, his wife was the ... Read More »

Amid the ongoing pandemic this restaurant owner is making sure no one sleeps with an empty stomach

Covid-19 pandemic has surrendered over a million people worldwide with countries receiving redressal and preventive measures including nationwide lockdown hitting poorest the hardest with no essential inventory to fall upon. The avenues of Delhi in the course of recent days have been barren put something aside for lines of vagrants and transient specialists wanting to take care of themselves through ... Read More »

Kiranas and retailers reap big savings from

The Big Billion Days sale at Flipkart Wholesale, Best Price Over a lakh retailers, most of which are small kiranas, across over 3,000 pin codes, shopped at Best Price and Flipkart Wholesale during The Big Billion Days Flipkart Wholesale app, which currently serves 16 cities, saw 5X growth in total orders during The Big Billion Days sale Best Price’s share ... Read More »

New COVID-19 rapid tests a game changer for Africa

Brazzaville, 22 October 2020 – The roll-out of new, World Health Organization (WHO) approved antigen-based rapid diagnostic tests for the novel coronavirus in Africa will significantly boost testing capacity and marks a game changer in the continent’s fight against COVID-19. Many African countries have struggled to test in sufficient numbers to control the pandemic, with only 12 in the region reaching ... Read More »

5 platforms that have uplifted women in the last decade

Since the first wave of women empowerment hit in 1950 across India, this concept has been gaining huge momentum. Women empowerment has never been about just offering equal rights to women, but also about ensuring that they are intrinsic and equitable partners in the workforce. Women’s empowerment and their status plays a crucial role in the population stabilization in India. ... Read More »


TRANSPLANT (LIVE DONOR) IN INDIA DURING PANDEMIC ~ Delhi to Chennai, a journey from Despair to Hope ~ Hyderabad, October 21st, 2020: Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC), a leading multi-organ transplant centre in Asia successfully performed India’s first liver and kidney transplant during the Covid-19 pandemic with help from two live donors. 35-year-old Mr. Mittal was airlifted to GGHC from Delhi with ... Read More »

How To Invest A Windfall

We are all struggling with our lives financially and emotionally. To maintain a certain standard of living, we need to earn a substantial amount of money to fulfill the necessities. Imagine if you won the lottery jackpot and found windfall money; what would you do with all that money? Firstly, it would be a moment of rejoicing because finding or ... Read More »

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