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Cut Cut Photo Editing App Gives Wings To My Expressions

I love to take selfies and photos, and must say that I have tried numerous photo editing tools in the past. I always found something lacking and was not satisfied with the final results. However, things changed when I came across Cut Cut – Cutout & Photo Background Editor, which was launched recently. For the uninitiated, Cut Cut app has ... Read More »

Highest Paying Tech Jobs In USA

Surely a career in technology has emerged as the preferred option for the current generation, as the pay is quite good and there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. But do you know which specific tech jobs are the highest paying? To help you choose the right career path, here’s a list of the highest paying tech jobs in ... Read More »

2019 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Interesting Facts

The cricket World Cup begins today on May 30, 2019, and just like all earlier tournaments, the excitement is super high for cricket fans and participating nations. This time the World Cup matches will be held in England and Wales and will continue for a period of around one and a half months. As the cricket fever rises on and ... Read More »

What Men Think Is Romantic, But Isn’t

Some men will go the extra mile to express their love and affection, but it may not always work as expected. That’s because things that men think as romantic may not actually be perceived likewise by their partner. Here are some common things that men think are romantic, but it isn’t in reality. Say it with flowers: Men usually assume ... Read More »

Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?

What starts around talks of eternal love often finds itself washed out in the humdrum of life. Relationships are surely exciting during the initial stages, but they tend to lose their sheen overtime. So, what should be the next steps in such a scenario? Should you move on and work towards a new relationship or try to salvage your existing ... Read More »

Why Windows Hard Drive Partitions Start With C: Drive By Default

Even people with very little technical knowledge about Microsoft Windows Operating System would have noticed that partitions on a Windows PC start with C: Drive. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Why the first partition is not named A: or B: by default? Why Windows automatically assigns the first and primary partition as Drive C: by default? Well, ... Read More »


The early onset of summer and to such sudden extremities is not a very welcome change for anyone. Hot winds, scorching sun, sweaty palms and wet clothes take a toll on everyone’s health in various manners. After our skin, our eyes remain the most exposed organs to deal with the direct impact of this increased heat. Either due to tiny ... Read More »

Craze For Baby Boy Over Baby Girl And Why Its Wrong, Unscientific and Irrational

As per the last Population Census carried out in 2011, India’s sex ratio was 943 females per 1000 of males. This is quite alarming and highlights the fact that many families in 21st century India still give preference to baby boy over baby girl. This mindset needs to be corrected in an urgent manner, as a high sex ratio leads ... Read More »

11 Most Bizarre And Controversial Statements Made By Indian Politicians

Rahul Gandhi

Politics in today’s world has become a dirty game and politicians are stooping to new lows to score brownie points. Making controversial statements is one of the tricks that today’s politicians use to strike a chord with their followers. Making controversial statements also gets them guaranteed media coverage across the country and sometimes globally as well. This clearly shows that ... Read More »

7 Offbeat Career Options In USA

When it comes to choosing a career, millennials today have a lot more choices, as compared to older generations. The young generation likes to do things their own way and they are looking for interesting ways to earn a living. Most millennials would definitely want to choose something more exciting, rather than settle for the usual 9 to 5 job. ... Read More »

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