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How Technology Is Making You Dumb?

Technology has made our lives a lot more comfortable and easier, but some people believe that it is also making us dumb. There is a growing concern that future generations will become increasingly dependent on technology and may permanently lose some of the abilities that older generations had. To understand this better, let’s take a look at some of the ... Read More »

Why Apps Update So Often?

You updated your apps just last week, and today, your mobile phone is again harassing you to update dozens of apps. So why do apps have to update so often, you wonder. Are they even necessary? Well, there are not one, but multiple reasons as to why mobile apps need frequent updates. Here are some of the primary reasons why ... Read More »

How Your Mobile Can Spy On You

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives and it’s almost impossible to think about living normally without these devices. However, it’s important to take a few precautions since your mobile phone can be used to track your activities and access your confidential data. Here’s how your mobile phone may be spying on you without you ever realizing ... Read More »

How Monzo Is Revolutionizing Traditional Banking

Monzo is a new kind of digital banking that is available entirely on a mobile banking platform. Ease of use and anytime, anywhere accessibility are the key focus areas for Monzo, something that has helped the company acquire more than half a million customers in the UK in just a couple of years. The banking experience provided by Monzo is ... Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Hockey

Field hockey is popular across the globe, with more than 30 countries participating in the recent Olympic Games. It is a fast-paced game and full of quick twists and turns, things that have made it popular among the masses. The modern version of field hockey started in the early nineteenth century in England and since then, it has spread to ... Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid In Your First Job

First jobs are challenging for most people, as there’s plenty to learn about one’s work, the company and the industry. In your first job, you may be looking to make the right impressions and the right moves to excel in your career. You would also want to avoid mistakes that can derail your progress and push you back. Here are ... Read More »

The Only Indian to Win an Olympic Gold Medal

It’s true that India, as a nation, has won a total of 9 gold medals at the Olympics. However, what is also true is that 8 of these gold medals were won in hockey, which is a team sport. If we look at individual events, India has won only 1 gold medal at the Olympics. This is surprising since India ... Read More »

When You Don’t Have Sex for Long

Sex is nature’s bounty, a thing to enjoy and a way to propagate the human species. However, recent research studies indicate that the millennial generation is having less sex, as compared to earlier generations. Absence of sex can happen due to various reasons such as death or disability of a loved one, cancer treatment, depression, divorce proceedings, vow of celibacy, ... Read More »

Experience Truly Delightful ‘Washoku’ at Fuji Restaurant

Located in a quaint neighborhood of Connaught Place, the Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a true delight for lovers of Pan-Asian cuisine. The founders of the restaurant want patrons to experience the pleasures of ‘Washoku’ that simply means ‘food of Japan’. Fuji specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and it has also introduced various innovations in several of its dishes. The gastronomic ... Read More »

How Airbnb Became the Preferred Choice for Travellers

Airbnb is the world’s leading travel community that allows people to access a comprehensive range of travel services such as finding places to stay, meeting local people, exploring new destinations and tasting local cuisine. Airbnb has emerged as the disruptor in the hospitality industry and is giving a tough competition to conventional operators such as hotels and resorts. Airbnb has ... Read More »

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