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5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Just like everything else, relationships also evolve with time. While we desire for a peaceful and enjoyable time with our partner, life can throw various challenges that can impact our relationship. This is especially true in today’s fast paced and stressful world, where an increasing number of people are experiencing relationship issues. However, there are still couples who manage to ... Read More »

Exciting Jobs, Employment Options For Retirees In UK

Retirement may mark the end of your professional career, but it does not mean that you can no longer work. If you are the one who seeks to live a useful and productive life even after retirement, you can apply for a wide variety of post-retirement jobs. Such a job will help you lead an active lifestyle and can also ... Read More »

Juul – Company Profile

Juul Labs is a leading American electronic cigarette company, headquartered in San Francisco. Juul was founded in 2015 by Adam Bowen and James Monsees, who have made it their mission to provide customers a safer option to cigarettes. While there are dozens of e-cigarettes in the market, Juul stands out as its products are easy to use and maintain. Moreover, ... Read More »

Nigel Adams

Nigel Adams is a British politician, member of the Conservative Party, and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Selby and Ainsty, which was created in 2010. Nigel has been winning from this constituency since 2010 and was elected in 2015, 2017 and most recently in 2019. Owing to his good work for the constituency and its people, ... Read More »

Face, Fingerprint, PIN or Password – Which Is Most Secure?

As smartphones store our private data and have access to our bank accounts and digital wallets, it has become imperative that we take steps to safeguard these devices. Present day smartphones come with multiple security options such as face unlock, fingerprint unlock, PIN, pattern and password. So, which one is the best? Well, to answer that question, let’s analyze each ... Read More »

How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

A mid-range to top-spec laptop requires significant investment, which is why we expect it to last longer. These laptops are not something most of us can afford to replace every year. The average lifespan of a laptop is around 4-5 years, but if you take proper care, you can extend its lifespan further. Here are some tips and suggestions that ... Read More »

How To Avoid Sleep In Office?

Even though quite a lot has been written about ‘power napping’, falling asleep in office is generally frowned upon in most organizations. Unless you have been working extra hours or lost sleep during the night due to an emergency, you should avoid sleep in office. Dozing off in office looks quite odd and it also creates a bad impression on ... Read More »

Sangamlal Kadedin Gupta

Sangamlal Kadedin Gupta is an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the Lok Sabha constituency of Pratapgarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In 2019 general elections, Sangamlal Kadedin Gupta defeated his nearest rival Ashok Kumar Tripathi of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) by a margin of more than ... Read More »

Top 10 Rugby Legends Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in the world, Rugby is played in more than 100 countries. Officially referred to as Rugby union, the sport is known by various other names such as Rugger, Rugby XV, Union and even Football. However, Rugby is the most widely used term to describe the sport. Rugby is said to have originated in the ... Read More »

How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

As you may have noticed, smartphones tend to get slower with time. Newer versions of Android OS such as Android Pie and Android 10 have inbuilt features to boost RAM and clear junk files. However, such functions are not available with earlier versions of Android, which most people are using currently. If your Android phone has slowed down, here are ... Read More »

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