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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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Baba Rampal goes to Jail


Arrested Baba Rampal from Satlok Ashram in Haryana

After a two week long battle and strong will, Police had arrested Baba Ramdev from Satlok Ashram in Haryana, around at 9:20pm and move him quickly to a undisclosed location to avoid revolt and any other type of difficulties.

Arrest just comes after Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s call to CM – to over the stand-off as soon as possible. More than 15000 followers were evacuated from the Ashram “Satlok”. Many of them Complainted that they were detained there forcibly by Baba ji Gunde (or personal commandos).

Personal commandos of Rampal had petrol bomb, pistols and acid bottles to stop the police. They also threatened the followers to not leave the place. They were using followers as man shield to protect Rampal from police.

When some followers raise the sound that they want to leave the satsang, Rampal’s commandos threatened them with bad consequence if they leave the ashram. When this threat didn’t work and some hundreds of followers left the Ashram, Police got a hint and speed up the process by lighting the whole area with generators and hydrogen light. And start the process of sieging the Ashram.

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