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Babri Mosque Case and BJP Senior Leaders

Today LK Advani, Uma Bharti, and Murli Manohar Joshi registered a release PIL against the raising of charges in Lucknow CBI court.

They filed the PIL in Babri mosque related case. The leaders said to the special CBI court that there is no involvement of them in the case of mosque destroying and they should not be asked to go for trial in the charges put against them.

In April month Top Court had ordered L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, and Uma Bharti to see the trial for treachery charges in the Babri mosque case.

Already these leaders are seeing the trial for delivering incendiary dialogues from the nearby place of mosque beforehand the mosque was destroyed.

The Supreme Court ordered the special court to structure charges against the leaders in a month time and also asked to give the judgment in a couple year. Later on, the special court dropped the charges and Allahabad court permitted it in the year 2010.

About Babri Mosque

The mosque was built by the Mughals. As per several Hindus, the mosque was constructed above the birthplace of Lord Ram and they desire to construct Ram Mandir in the place.

Babri Masjid demolition resulted in nationwide riots between Muslims and Hindus and riots took the life of estimated 2,000 people.

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