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BabyChakra brings about a paradigm shift through the launch of #EqualParent campaign

India| June, 2019: BabyChakra, India’s biggest Parenting and Pregnancy App, launched a campaign on #EqualParent. The campaign is based on how parenting has taken on new dimensions.

While innumerable platforms are available for mothers, offline support systems or role models for men seeking advice on how to support their wives through pregnancy or how to be great fathers are rare. Secondly, seldom do the fathers get appreciation for playing the role of an ‘equal parent’.

That is then the genesis of #EqualParent, a campaign celebrating responsible fatherhood. There are umpteen men who make sacrifices for the sake of the wife or child, men who plan around the child and the wife. They need to be acknowledged.

A beautiful, empathetic video is also being planned to convey the message of #EqualParent. The video captures the reaction of fathers being elated by the way they have been noticed and rewarded for their silent contribution to parenthood.

To ensure a wide reach, BabyChakra collaborated with over 15 large multinational corporates & start-ups such as Airtel, Flipkart, Haptik, Johnsons & Johnsons, Akkivalove, Sequoia, Linkedin, Soho House, 9 Stacks , 5000+ corporate Fathers along with 15000+ BabyChakra App Fathers for its survey for #EqualParent campaign. The campaign is curated to extend the support to father’s  who play the role of a true partner at home and with their kids.

45 celebrity influencers including  Esha Deol, Hiten Tejwani, Daniel Webber, Deanne Pandey, Simone Khambhatta, Chhavi Mittal, Andrea Michelle also came forward and supported the campaign by sharing their stories and pledging support to the #EqualParent campaign.

BabyChakra also collected 250+ inspiring stories from across the country by parents, especially by mothers, who with immense excitement and pride nominated their husbands as involved Fathers as a part of ongoing contest to support the campaign.

A recent survey conducted by BabyChakra involving 15,000 fathers, has thrown up these interesting figures:

  • 30% dads support the wife as she resumes her career post pregnancy

  • 36% dads take responsibility of getting their kids vaccinated

  • 20% dads change nappies

  • 40% dads drop off kids to school

  • 60% dads play with their kids

  • 29% dads quit smoking and gave up on drinking

  • 70% dads spend more time at home

  • ……..and so much more!

From seeding the entire thought, Founder and CEO of BabyChakra -Naiyya Saggi said, “India as we know it has changed rapidly from joint families to nuclear families. We realised early on our app that father’s were getting deeply involved as childcare providers and decision makers . We are excited to share the findings of this survey from among probably the largest online datasets that exist on Indian families. We are also excited to be leading the conversation around Equal Parenting in India with our amazing partners and influencers who have pledged support to the campaign.”

As part of the digital campaign, BabyChakra interacted with it’s  community & discovered some wonderful revelation of what the new age father is doing today. Here are some strong insights : BabyChakra‘s Annual Father’s Day Report: Are you an Equal Parent?

It is quite evident now that every father has an inspiring story to share where he played an equal parent role. You can read many such stores at: Inspiring Stories about #EqualParenting  

Share your story ! You can also join this campaign and nominate yourself, friends & men you know to be an #EqualParent, vote & win!

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