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Battles of battle delhi 2015

Sound Bytes, Political Brownie Points, allegations, public outrage, Road march, Radio Road Blocks, Flex Boards, News Debates, Front page newspapers; Delhi Polls 2015 its nothing less than a Greece V/S Persian rivalry. What every DelhiVaala has only seen in movies it’s time we DelhiVaala enjoy the Spartan Feel.

One of the most heated political contest in India; it’s a fight between two icons of patriotism and courage in India. While AAP fort is being held by Ex-IRS ArvindKejriwal the BJP fort is being held by the Iron Lady KiranBedi.

It’s the last day of campaigning before Delhi goes silent and eventually for its fate on 7th February. Media is partially divided in terms of opinions; however in a crux everyone is clear it’s going to be a bipolar cliff hanger. Prime Minister NarenderModi took to the streets of Delhi yesterday addressing rallies across the City-State advocating BJP and its Vision for an unheard class of governance in Delhi; Arvindkejriwal was seen meeting the aamaadmi’s in a local style all across the city.

The recent so called expose by NGO Avam blaming the AAM AADMI PARTY accepting black money from hawala was the center of all Speeches. Modi addressing rallies across the city on Wednesday blamed the AAP for accepting dubious money’s in terms of funds. However the PM and congress vice president look sidelined as the battle seemed clear between Team Kejriwal and BJP. Krishna Nagar constituency in Delhi saw dramatic scenes where the Iron Lady KiranBedibroke down seeing the affection of people. The constituency turned to the center stage when Actor-activist GulPanag with her large gathering of women supporters took to the streets of Krishna nagar constituency and started dancing on drum beats while shouting slogans “Pehle Sheila haarihai . abbedikibaarihai’.

BJP’s misery turned dramatic when a typographical error cited people from Northeast as “immigrants”. Northeastern population forms a large student base in capital and people from those regions follow the route to capital for employment opportunities.

A loss in delhi would see a dramatic downfall in the national Modi wave that swept Lok Shaba Polls in favors of BJP last year. While some cited inactivity in comparison to promises made by the Modi led Government; some say it’s time for a change. Congress is on lines to seeing its worst political position ever when it’s not even in context of 10 seats in the 70 seats Delhi Constituency.

At the end all Delhi Vaals’s will agree had Ms. Bedi and Mr. Kejriwal fought in different elections; both would have won and Delhi would have been in a much better state.

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